"Empowering older adults to thrive in the homes and neighborhoods they love."

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About the River West Logo…

Our logo was designed by SW Portland artist Leslie Lee, who donated her services in support of River West Village development. It has generated considerable interest among Villagers, in part because of its simplicity and symbolism. We are grateful for Leslie’s donated work and proud to have her and Dennis in our community!

Here is a little about Leslie Lee…

After Leslie Lee, a resident artist living in Southwest Portland, learned a Village was developing, she offered her expertise in creating a logo for River West Village. She envisioned a logo symbolizing connectivity and inclusiveness between people living in the River West Village area. She did the first drafts on her iPad at one of the Planning Group meetings.

Leslie (Baumgartner) Lee was encouraged to pursue make art as a child and has continued to do so all her life. She earned her BFA at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with an emphasis on graphic design. After a decade of doing professional graphics in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, Lee returned to her childhood love of clay. In the next 25 years her career in ceramics earned her a national reputation. Lee taught workshops throughout her career and conducted summer sessions at Hummingbird Studios, the adobe and straw-bale showcase of alternative construction she built in southern Oregon with her husband, ceramic artist Dennis Meiners. In 2002 Lee stepped away from the physical demands of clay work to explore oil painting. She returned to Portland in 2012 and will be participating in the Portland Open Studios tour this October, 2015. Her latest paintings are colorful abstractions with random figurative elements that develop into unexpected narratives. More of Leslie’s art can be seen at: MeinersandLee.com.

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Who is River West Village?
River West Village! is a community-based network whose purpose is to create community and provide services for older adult SW Portland area residents to help them age in place. Currently in the planning phase, River West Village is a group of dedicated and active volunteers in SW Portland area. We are working to make the Village model a reality in SW Portland and surrounding areas. You, too, can be part of our dynamic planning process. Read More

What is River West Village?
River West Village is a local branch (a spoke) in the Villages NW hub and spoke Network, which is organized and run by community members in the Portland metro area. Villages NW provides administrative, development, HR and financial services to local Villages.Read More

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