"Empowering older adults to thrive in the homes and neighborhoods they love."

Our Hub: Villages NW

Our Hub: Villages NW

Recipenet of the 2015 Light A Fire Award for Best Non-Profit.

Villages NW is a nonprofit organization which has worked over the past two years to organize neighborhood residents into planning groups and to get seven grassroots Villages into development across the Portland metro-area—four in Multnomah County, two in Washington County and one in Clackamas County—and they’re not done yet! Villages NW’s mission is to enable every local resident who wants to be able to grow older in the home and neighborhood they love to have a Village to support them.

The Role of the Villages NW Hub

  • Educate the public about Villages as a critical, cost-effective solution for those wishing to age in place.
  • Catalyze the emergence of new Villages by assisting Village founders to develop planning groups in their own NW communities.
  • Provide Village planning groups with targeted coaching and tactical support at each stage of their Village’s development.
  • Fast track the Village creation process by sharing materials, resources, best practices and “lessons learned” among NW Villages.
  • Develop Villages NW into an effective regional resource, connecting all the grassroots Pacific Northwest Villages.
  • Serve as an information hub for the regional Village movement, publicizing NW Villages’ events, presentations, and programs open to the public.
  • Advocate on behalf of the NW Villages, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Explore cost-savings and economy-of-scale efficiencies that can be achieved by collaboration among NW Villages.
  • Negotiate key strategic corporate and organizational partnerships and apply for funding on behalf of the NW Villages.
  • Establish a hub and spoke network model for Portland metro-area grassroots Villages, reducing costs, providing key organizational, HR, financial & administrative services, and eliminating the need for each Village to become its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Villages NW is a non-profit organization with 501(C)(3) status; it is registered as an Oregon public benefit corporation.

To learn more about the Portland metro-area Village movement and get involved, please visit Villages NW online at www.VillagesNW.org or email info@VillagesNW.org.