"Empowering older adults to thrive in the homes and neighborhoods they love."

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Many of you received an appeal for support from John Mouser in your email recently. We hope his story inspired  you to get involved. We are thankful for all of our wonderful volunteers and the time and skills you contribute during River West’s pre-launch phase. However, your donations are vital to a successful start of the village. We encourage you to donate to the cause,  just as John did. Click here to respond to John’s request for support.


Welcome to River West Village

Staying in your neighborhood that you love!

River West Village, part of a growing national and local nonprofit movement, is a community-based, grassroots organization. Our purpose is to create an inter-generational community and provide services and support to SW Portland area residents so they can stay in their own homes as they grow older. River West Village is currently building community and planning the services that we will want. We are planning to begin offering services and accepting memberships in the Fall of 2017!

River West Village is a member of the Villages NW Hub & Spoke Network. Villages NW serves as the nonprofit hub for River West Village and other spoke Villages throughout the Portland metro-area.

Currently in the planning phase, River West Village is a group of dedicated and active volunteers in a SW Portland area Planning Group. We are working to make the Village model a reality in SW Portland and surrounding areas.

You, too, can be part of our dynamic Planning Group! Contact us and learn about what we are doing!

We hope to build a community and a member services network.


With your involvement, members could soon have help to stay in their homes.

  • Opportunities to enjoy the company of like minded neighbors
  • Access to “one call does it all” support.
  • Household and Transportation services provided by screened and trained volunteers.
  • Approved home maintenance and personal home care services, often at a discount.
  • Social, fitness, educational and cultural opportunities.

The Southwest Portland Post article on River West Village…

  Southwest residents organizing aging-in-place network for seniors Click to read

Aging In America in the News…

NBC-BrianWilliams-TradingPlaces NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (Jan. 2014)

Click on the picture of Brian Williams to see the impact of the village movement. Use the River West Village tab at the top of your browser window to return to River West Village

The Village model is successfully serving more than 25,000 people in 125 Villages in 39 states across the United States. This critical movement is changing the aging paradigm for millions of Americans.

CBS News Sunday Morning — National News from October 19, 2014

This segment shows how we can work together in Villages to help each other stay in our own homes and the neighborhoods that we love as long as possible.  The part about Beacon Village starts at 5:25 minutes into the segment. Click here to watch video.

TED Talks – It Takes Villages by Judy Willett

The Power Behind the Village Movement

My Generation: Aging In Place | AARP

How More Americans Are – Aging In Place”

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Who is River West Village?
River West Village! is a community-based network whose purpose is to create community and provide services for older adult SW Portland area residents to help them age in place. Currently in the planning phase, River West Village is a group of dedicated and active volunteers in SW Portland area. We are working to make the Village model a reality in SW Portland and surrounding areas. You, too, can be part of our dynamic planning process. Read More

What is River West Village?
River West Village is a local branch (a spoke) in the Villages NW hub and spoke Network, which is organized and run by community members in the Portland metro area. Villages NW provides administrative, development, HR and financial services to local Villages.Read More

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